VMSD believes in building real connections between people and brands through the creation of something extraordinary that tells a story.

VMSD was founded over two decades ago with its core strengths in Global Travel Retail, Visual Merchandising, Retail Experience, Space Design, MICE as well as Full Event Management services.

Since our establishment in 1992, our undeterred passion and expertise in creating extraordinary brand stories and retail experiences have made us the trusted retail specialist and brand partner to numerous international brands.

We curate, debate and innovate to constantly produce seamlessly integrated 360º communication solutions to enable businesses and brands to excel. Most of all, we do this with passion, integrity, dedication, a healthy dose of humor and a big smile.


Our Vision

“To be the Reputable Multi-Disciplinary Creative Agency Offering 360 Activation Solution to All Brands; Service Lead by Creative Innovation; Harmonising Practicality with Design.”


Our Mission

To be the region’s Leading Specialist in Retail and Brand Activation   We produce world-class communication solutions for retail and consumer brands around the region and beyond. With our headquarters in Singapore and offices in HongKong and Thailand, we aim to grow our agency network to bring together inspired individuals, new services and top-notch expertise to develop the best solutions for our clients.

To nurture and grow brands with our clients   We understand your business objectives and provide creative communication solutions from global perspectives and local insights. Coupled with creative excellence and innovative thinking, we seek to provide integrated 360º turnkey solutions for all our clients.

To build meaningful and sustainable partnerships   We are committed to building and fostering meaningful and long-term partnerships with our clients, rooted in a culture of co-creation, openness, trust and mutual respect.

To be a great place to work where our people can grow and excel   We value the diversity and talents of our people. We strive to provide a collaborative and inspiring work environment where they can grow and excel to their fullest potential.


Our Value

Professionalism   To be the best in our individual profession that ensures both efficiency, highest possible quality deliverables ; delivering excellence in services and people that make a difference.

Respect  To create positive relationships with our colleagues, clients and community through the creation of financial success, brand recognition and organizational pride that suture our company, our employees, our clients and our community.

Integrity To be a responsible, principled and trustworthy partner respected by both internal and external stakeholders.

Camaraderie  To maintain a familial bond, loyalty and sense of kinship with all in the Company.

Entrepreneurial Spirit  To cultivate our people with the“can do” spirit ,to take charge and make a difference for our clients and our society at large while setting new industry standards and keeping a constant eye on long-term growth and overall employee satisfaction.